media, communication and digital cultures

Media, communication and digital cultures

This theme includes:

  • praxis of curation
  • digital and social media research
  • creative digital citizenship
  • digital inclusion
  • disruptive digital platforms 

We have key staff with expertise in digital media, curatorial practice, events and communications. We have previous research commissions from Renfrewshire Council, South Lanarkshire Council and the Big Lottery. This area of work will utilise the expertise of our staff in examining affordances of digital and social media in enabling (and constraining) participation in civic life. Professor McGillivray led the Digital Commonwealth project and along with Professor McPherson and Dr Frew, has experience of digital storytelling, digital citizenship and tackling digital poverty. Professor Kosmala has experience of showcasing and exhibiting. A PhD studentship in culture, media and the transformation of place impressions, working closely with Renfrewshire Council, will be conducted through this theme.

Blogs on this this theme:

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