Professor David McGillivray spoke on Dublin City FM about the HERA funded FESTSPACE project launch.

FESTSPACE is a HERA-funded project which focuses on how festivals and events enable or restrict access to, and use of, public spaces, including the extent to which they might effectively host interactions and exchanges between people from different cultural, ethnic, socio-economic and socio-demographic backgrounds. It explores how festivals and events affect the inclusivity of Europe’s urban public spaces. With a focus on Western European cities (Glasgow, London, Dublin, Barcelona & Gothenburg) that are dealing with significant demographic changes arising from in-migration, the project seeks to contribute to closing research gaps, advancing theoretical and methodological approaches and, to create impact through close collaboration with influential academic and non-academic partners and stakeholders from across Europe. Over the next two years, the project will address three inter-related questions:

  • What different types of festive public space exists across Europe and what lessons can we learn about inclusivity from these models?
  • How do festivals and events affect who uses outdoor and indoor urban public spaces and how they interact within them?
  • What are the enduring effects on inclusivity of festivals and events staged in public spaces?

To launch FESTSPACE, we are hosting a day-long symposium comprising talks and facilitated discussions aimed at exploring some of the contemporary issues outlined above. Stakeholders from across the events, planning and participation spectrum are invited to participate in what we hope will be a day of insightful dialogue and debate.

View more information on the festivals, events and inclusive urban public spaces in Europe project on the HERA website.

Book onto the FESTSPACE symposium (Friday, 14 June 2019) and find out more on the CCSE Events page.