Three PhD students aligned to the Centre for Culture Sport and Events are undertaking research which is linked to the collaborative aims of the University of the West of Scotland and Renfrewshire Council. This post offers a short insight into their work, and is the first of a series of research profiles on key staff and associates at the Centre.

Economy and Cultural Regeneration- Niclas Hell
Niclas’s PhD explores the direct and indirect contribution of developing the creative industries, culture sector and events as a core part of Paisley’s economy and a means to develop inclusive economic growth in Paisley and the surrounding area

Poverty, Health and Action Research in Cultural Regeneration- Lan Pham
Lan’s PhD is in the area of Art & Health, particularly its inclusiveness and contribution to regeneration, addressing health inequalities and poverty. She comes from a background in economic development and empowering citizens and consumers through advice. Her interests are in improving individual and community health and wellbeing through provision of a platform to those who are ‘less heard,’ helping them to be heard in evidence, policy and society and encouraging participation and engagement with activities, events and services.

Image and Media- Conor Wilson
Conor’s PhD project explores the role of the media within culture-led regeneration. More specifically, his research focuses on the roles of traditional and social media in creating and circulating messages about Paisley and its social, economic and cultural history, and assesses the impact that this has in terms of place impressions. As such, the overarching aim is to explore the extent to which the Paisley 2021 UK Capital of Culture bid’s media campaigns impacted on both internal and external perceptions of Paisley.

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