Last week I attended Paisley’s first Green Tease event hosted by Creative Carbon Scotland. Sometimes it’s easy to lose momentum when it comes to environmental issues, especially when you feel like you are the only person who cares. It’s so important to have events like this, hearing everyone explain in such practical terms, the amazing work they are doing to help tackle climate breakdown was inspiring. Suddenly, it’s not only me. I am part of something much bigger which can have a deeper impact due to all of the support surrounding it.

Heather Claridge from Architecture and Design Scotland told us how it simply cannot be business as usual anymore. Heather walked us through the beautiful projects she has been a part of; working with communities, artists and the council. These projects look at ways in which Heather, an urban planner, could break down the barrier between citizens and environment. She is committed to finding playful, creative, effective ways of changing our understanding towards our environment, you can read more about it here.

“COP21_151208b-0419” by TheNoxid is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The event was a perfect example of using culture to influence climate justice. Proving that culture and cultural organisations can have a very significant impact on our environmental health.

Further contributing to this point were The Glasgow Women’s Library, Scottish Ensemble and Remode. During a panel discussion each organisation talked us through the incredible, practical work they are doing to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Yes, some of these decisions are difficult and sacrifices will have to be made; but it shows the true commitment and the understanding that these issues are bigger than business. Organisations such as these don’t place capitalism and money at the heart of their practices. These groups are showing that culture and climate can work hand in hand. As Heather said, it can’t just be business as usual. We all need to make these difficult decisions and commit ourselves to achieving climate justice.

You can read the GWL environmental policy here, Scottish Ensemble here, and you can read about Remode’s amazing work here.

Paisley was well suited to hosting this event. With so many major buildings closing and the huge shift the town is experiencing right now, business is anything but usual. Things are changing, the town is learning how to be adaptable and resilient over the course of this exciting period. It only makes sense that the environment and climate breakdown is a huge part of these conversations. Big things are happening in Paisley, hopefully this event will help further influence people’s attitudes towards organisations effects on the environment.

It cannot be business as usual anymore.