The Director of CCSE Professor Gayle McPherson and two members of the CCSE research team Dr Sandro Carnicelli and Dr Emma Reid from the School of Business and Creative Industries are the Scottish leads for a major new transnational project about live music experiences and you can help, by completing a simple short survey! We are seeking views from people in Scotland, England, Germany and New Zealand as part of the study.

Are you passionate about live music? Has COVID-19 changed your thoughts on attending live events and music gigs?  Are you looking forward to attending events again?  The study is anonymous and there is no “right or wrong” answer. We simply wish to know your opinion to help shape our understanding of consumer experiences and expectations for the return to live events.

Share your thoughts by completing the short, anonymous survey, available here.

The full research team, from Scotland, England, New Zealand and Germany, is:

Prof. Dr. Francisco Tigre Moura (IUBH University of Applied Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Damian Leschik (IUBH University of Applied Sciences)

Dr. Sandro Carnicelli Filho (University of the West of Scotland)

Dr. Emma Reid (University of the West of Scotland)

Prof. Gayle McPherson (University of the West of Scotland)

Dr. Andrea Insch (University of Otago)

Kathryn Mitchell (Staffordshire University)

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