This week I am doing a bit of reflection, today is my last day as a Research Associate at the Centre for Culture, Sport and Events as I am parting ways to take up a full time post at the University of Glasgow.  Although I only work a day a week for CCSE, I have been involved in a lot of projects over the last 2 years at the Centre, and even before then when I started my academic journey at UWS. I was asked to write a short farewell blog, so here I’ll share a few of my highlights over my time at UWS.

When I completed my MA Creative Media Practice (based in Ayr campus) in 2013 I had a taster of a whole range of creative media tools which I used to set up my first consultancy which merged my previous academic background in conservation and planning with creative media (this was something I had never dreamed I would be able to do, being surrounded by other creatives meant I was inspired to be able to go part time freelance and learn how to bid for work).  I was delighted to secure my first part time HE research post at UWS as educational co-ordinator for the Digital Commonwealth Project, having the chance to put my MA skills into practice with my previous project management and education skills-  we managed to involve 26 out of 32 Local Authorities in Scotland in our national digital literacy project, funded by The Media Trust and Big Lottery.

After a little more freelance time, I decided to pursue a PhD, as I was missing studying and it had always been a goal for me to advance my studies- the luxury of being immersed in a project for a number of years and develop academic research skills was full of opportunities and challenges!  I passed my viva in September 2018 and graduated in July 2019, joining CCSE in October 2018.

Some of my CCSE highlights include:

  • Helping to launch the centre in March 2019 at an event attended by academics, community activists and people working in culture, sport and events
  • Setting up the CCSE website and social media, and designing the branding for the Centre
  • Working on project bids for research, outreach and consultancy projects
  • Managing a digital heritage outreach project for CCSE and Renfrewshire Council
  • Working with the UWS PhD student community (both being part of this when I was completing, to joining in seminars and working with our community to celebrate their work through events and blogs)
  • Making links with the members of our steering group and hearing their industry and project updates
  • Meeting researchers and practitioners from around the world and learning about activities which associate members of CCSE do across the university and outside (from as far away as Canada, Japan and Kenya and closer to home in Renfrewshire, Scotland and London)
  • Having my first “first author” article accepted, my co-author and I will publicise this when we can

I have really enjoyed my time at UWS and of course I will not be a stranger, I will be an Associate member of CCSE and will pop in to events, and collaborate on research opportunities.  The world is a small place, and it has been fabulous to be part of the interdisciplinary CCSE team!