About Us

Established in 2018, the Centre for Culture, Sport and Events (CCSE) undertakes collaborative research across the social sciences, business and humanities. Research outputs produced by the Centre have been deemed 4* world leading, and our impact case study Events as Social Change was judged as 4* internationally outstanding in the UK REF 2021 review.

Renfrewshire Council is a key local partner; CCSE provides research and evaluation support for the local authority. More widely, we conduct research with international partners with a focus on sport mega-events and human rights, sport and disability, cultural heritage and inclusion, culture, sport and soft power, sport and art diplomacy, tourism development, and tourism, sustainability and cultural regeneration. We have four key research themes.

Our four key themes:

place-focused cultural regeneration

 arts, cultural diplomacy, and soft power



sport, cultural events and festivals


media, communication and digital cultures.


The Centre for Culture, Sport and Events builds on the University’s local, national and international expertise in these areas, bringing a range of interdisciplinary perspectives to its research enquiries into policy and practice, advancing the production of new knowledge.

Research evidence produced through the Centre contributes to academic excellence, influencing policy makers and practitioners working in culture, sport and events, engaging with social policy and change.