In May 2020, CCSE hosted a virtual conference ‘Festivals, Events & COVID 19’. The event was convened in response to the change and upheaval brought about by the advent of the COVID pandemic – a way in which CCSE could bring together stakeholders from across the realms of culture, arts and sports, to explore, discuss and reflect upon the rapid change enveloping society.

The virtual conference was hugely successful with a significant audience on the day of the live broadcast augmented by continued engagement with the recorded conference post event.

The idea for #CCSEConversations emerged from this initial platform, CCSE is keen to continue the discussion with expert stakeholders from across the spectrum of our activity.

The inaugural series of #CCSEConversations began to broadcast on a weekly basis in late summer 2020. These conversations are archived below.

Festivals, Events & COVID19

Festivals, Events & COVID19 was a virtual event organised and hosted by CCSE in May 2020. The conference was an opportunity to hear from speakers active at various critical intersections of the art/sport/culture/festival and event nexus. We invited academics, policy and practitioner stakeholders, to share their experiences of COVID19 to date and, to explore the implications of the pandemic for their sectoral interests in the longer term.

In the wake of the virtual conference, CCSE colleagues decided to continue the exploration and discussion of the contemporary challenges and opportunities currently encountered by the culture, sport and events sectors.

Scottish Women in Sport

Dr Briony Sharp in conversation with Scottish Women in Sport Founder, Maureen McGonigle.

#CCSEConversation Festivals, Events & the Climate Emergency

Dr Sandro Carnicelli, Romane Boyer & Caro Overy from Creative Carbon Scotland discussing festivals, events and the climate emergency. 

Para Athlete Chat Night: The Pandemic's Effect on Participation Opportunities in Sport (ProjectEcho)

Gemma Lunsdaine, Isaac Dunning & Erin Swann join Professor Gayle McPherson to discuss the pandemic and its impact on sports participation, accessibilty and venues.

#SBCITalks The Future of Events

Featuring Dr Jenny Flinn, Dr Matt Frew, Prof Gayle McPherson & Prof David McGillivray: 23rd June, 2021

#CCSEConversations: Delivering Professional Sports Events During A Global Pandemic

Jenny Flinn talks to Mitchell Simpson from the Glasgow Rocks Basket Ball Team: 19th May, 2021

#CCSEConversations: Graham Jeffrey in conversation with Tony Fegan

Community Arts during and after the pandemic: 10th March, 2021

#CCSEConversations: Irene Mackintosh in conversation with Jamie Trout & Zora Feesey

Get Digital – Building Digital Skills to end Homelessness: 11th February, 2021

#CCSEConversations: Irene Mackintosh in conversation with Ryan Davidson & Rory Brown

Tackling Digital Inequality together in Govan and surrounding areas: 3rd February, 2021

#CCSEConversations: Jenny Flinn in conversation with Paul Gudgin

Surviving COVID – The Future of Festivals in Europe (and beyond): 27th January, 2021

#CCSEConversations: Solomon Imoudu Ilevbara in conversation with Cassell George, Dalton Myers & Kearn Williams

Covid-19 in Sports & Culture in the Caribbean: 16th December, 2020

#CCSEConversations Dr Briony Sharp in conversation with Dr Rebecca Finkel

The Shift to Digital: Social, Capital and Events: 9th December, 2020

#CCSEConversations: Dr Stephen Collins in conversation with Nii Quartey and Collins Seymah Smith

Community Based Arts Research: 25th November, 2020


#CCSEConversations: Dr Sandro Carnicelli in conversation with Prof Francisco Tigre Moura

Consumer Behaviour, Events and Live FM: Fan Monitor project: 18th November, 2020



#CCSEConversations: Dr Sandro Carnicelli in conversation with Prof Robert Stebbins

The future of Leisure Studies: 4th November, 2020

#CCSEConversations Dr Sandro Carnicelli in Conversation with Prof James Higham

Tourism, Travel & Mobilities in a Pandemic World: 28th October, 2020

#CCSEConversations: The Effects of Covid-19 on European Cultural Relations and The implications for Policy Makers

Prof Gayle McPherson in conversation with Director of the EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC_global), Gitte Zcshoch: 21st October, 2020

#CCSEConversations: Prof David McGillivray, Graham Ross (Austin-Smith:Lord) & Peter McCaughey

Culture, Festivity & Creative Place-Making: 14th October, 2020

#CCSEConversations: Sandro Carnicelli in conversation with Dr Freya Higgins

7th October, 2020

#CCSEConversations: Kalyan Bhandari in conversation with Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi

1st October, 2020

#CCSEConversations: Dr Sandro Carnicelli in conversation with Dr Thiago Allis on Tourism, Mobilities & COVID-19

17th September, 2020

#CCSEConversations: Prof Gayle McPherson & Dr Sandro Carnicelli in conversations with Prof Heather Gibson

Sport tourism & sport events in a pandemic and post pandemic world: 9th September, 2020