sport, cultural events and festivals

Sport, cultural events and festivals

This theme includes:

  • studies of leverage and legacy;
  • mega sport events and human rights;
  • event bidding;
  • events and urban development 

Centre staff have extensive expertise in sporting and cultural events and festivals. Our work ranges from policy and practice to the impact and evaluation of mega, major and local events on societyWe are interested in the social, cultural and economic impact and evaluation of events and festivals. We have conducted research evaluation and impact on London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Glasgow 2014 Cultural Festival Programme, Glasgow 2014 Commonweatlh Games, Toronto, Parapan Games, 2015, Rio Olympics 2016 and many other national and local sporting and cultural events. The centre will continue to bid for tendered commissions and research grants in these areas, working with a range of international partners. Presently, we are working with colleagues in Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and Poland. One of our staff is acting as an expert advisor to the OECD draft recommendation on Global Events and Local Development and is a member of the European Cultural Parliament. 

Our most recent projects in this thematic area include: major UK-Canada research on Leveraging Parasport Events for Sustainable Community Participation (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for Canada); EventsRights, exploring the impact of major sporting events on human rights (European Commission); and FESTSPACE, exploring the role of festivals and events in the production of inclusive public space in Europe (Humanities in the European Area).

Blogs on this theme:

Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe

CCSE’s Professor David McGillivray and Dr Severin Guillard are in Gdańsk, Poland, this week attending the conference “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe” as part of their HERA-funded project FESTSPACE.  David and Severin are accompanied by their four...

The Impact of COVID19 – A view from Glasgow Life

This post is no longer accessible.

A Youth-Led Cultural Revolution

Every week at PACE we see first-hand how positive creative and cultural experiences can transform social, educational and wellbeing outcomes for young people – particularly to those most disadvantaged. Research shows that young people participating in the arts do...

Lochwinnoch Arts Festival 2020: The Festival That Never Really Was!!

The 2020 festival would have been our 19th in a row! Our festival started as a small afternoon event and grew into a multi event 23-day festival.  They say that timing is everything and for the 2020 festival that was a very true comment! The scope of the festival can...

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Soft Power or Soft Disempowerment?

In the past 3 and half years, I have been investigating the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as a soft power tool. I have taken a holistic approach in the context of understanding my case study, this holistic research approach arose because I have never travelled to Japan and...

Fetching a Coat: Finding a Concept that Fits Arts, Culture, Health & Wellbeing

The search for concepts I feel comfortable with to describe arts, culture, health and wellbeing has been a long one. Theories and concepts have been described as a lens to see the world or a framework to scaffold the thesis. For me it has felt more like trying on many...

A Glimpse of Normality. Notes from the Covid-19 Circus

Given the UK Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis you might expect an article about the COVID-19 circus to be another piece hammering the test and trace system or the confusing messaging. But this is a piece about an actual circus installed on Blackheath to...

FESTSPACE in Gdansk: Public Spaces – Culture & Integration in Europe Conference

On 11-12th September 2019, CCSE’s Professor David McGillivray and Dr Severin Guillard attended the conference “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe” as part of their HERA-funded project, FESTSPACE. This 2-day conference was a good opportunity to meet with...

Arts and Cultural Engagement Participation Support for Vulnerable Children and Young People

We know that arts and cultural participation leads to a range of positive outcomes for children and young people, both in terms of their cognitive development and their wellbeing. Activities such as playing a musical instrument, performing in dance or drama, painting,...

CCSE Open Lecture: Organizing Tennis Events Globally

Late that year, we were delighted to host a CCSE Open Lecture in which IMG Senior VP of Tennis and Tournament Director, Lui Carvalho, spoke to students and staff about key elements of event management with regard to his role as director of several large tennis events....