CCSE Commissioned Research & Reports

Telling the Untold Story: Policy Insights from PhD Research 2019-2022

In this Policy Insight, Dr Conor Wilson summarises the key findings from his doctoral research which examines Paisley, culture and placemaking.

Live FM Fan Monitor 2021 Edition

Updated Fan Monitor examining music fan behaviour in Germamy & Scotland

Disability Sport Research Review

The last significant review of Disability Sport in Scotland was completed in 2001 by sportscotland (Suphi,
Butler and Worthington, 2001) and contained a desk-based review as well as extensive qualitative research
fi ndings. We were asked to produce an update of the desk-based review element to reflect the developments
in disability sport in Scotland and the nomenclature globally, and inform wider and deeper research into sport
and disability, and barriers to participation.

The Social Value of Community Events: A Review of Literature

The purpose of this literature review is to present an overview of research regarding the social value of community events. The review has been conducted using search terms relating to events, festivals, communities, social impacts and social value. Reference lists accompanying sources identified were also scrutinised to locate any additional material of relevance for the review. As a result, the review presented here covers 100+ research texts.

On Your Marks... Disabled People's Equal Participationin Sport

The Solutions Series is series of pop up Think Tanks hosted by the Independent Living in Scotland project (ILiS). Each Think Tank brings people together in coproduction to seek solutions to a specific barrier to independent living.This is the sixth report in the Solutions Series. “On your marks … disabled people’s equal participation in sport” sought solutions to the barriers to the equal participation of disabled people in sport. Profs David McGillivray and Gayle McPherson contributed to this output.

Life FM: Fan Monitor 2020

An analysis of attitudes and behavioral trends of music fans in Germany and Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Role of Arts & Culture in Lifting Communities Out of Poverty: A Review of Evidence

A review of evidence for the role of arts and culture in improving communi

Disability & Sport Research in Japan
Guide to Conducting Research with People with Disabilities
Recommendation of the Council on Global Events and Local Development
A Review of the Contribution of Arts & Culture to Global Security & Stability

This British Council funded piece examines the contribution that arts and culture can make to increasing security and stability in societies. The work includes 3 country case studies and mapping of arts and cultural projects.

Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth - Kenya

A collaborative project with colleagues from Mount Kenya University, funded by the British Council. The project comprised skills development training workshops based on in depth research into cultural heritage and its potential contribution to inclusive growth.

The Art of Peace

This British Council booklet is a summary publication drawing on our commissioned security and stability work.

CCSE Newsletter

CCSE’s inaugural newsletter, reviewing the Centre’s first year of operation.

A Review of Literature on Arts Showcasing Practice

Commissioned and funded by the British Council, this review draws on academic and grey literature analysing the approach to showcasing in the arts.

Arts, Culture & Soft Power: Developing an Evidence Base
Rapid Review of Evidence for Basic Digital Skills

This SCVO funded piece was commissioned to help inform the development of the Digital Participation Challenge Fund.