Through the Centre for Culture, Sport and Events, UWS collaborated with The University of Applied Sciences in Bonn to conduct the first report of the Live FM: Fan Monitor. It is the result of a collaboration with Francisco Tigre Moura and Prof. Dr. Damian Leschik (IUBH University of Applied Sciences), Sandro Carnicelli (University of the West of Scotland), Gayle McPherson (University of the West of Scotland) and Dr Emma Reid (University of the West of Scotland) to develop and share research of the live music sector during the pandemic.

This research project conducted online surveys with music and events fans in both Scotland and Germany. The aim was to understand behavioural and perceptual trends of consumers of live music experiences.

Some of the key highlights from the report revealed that:

  • Ticket cancellations have little impact on desire for future attendance with people having booked tickets for 2021 and revealing loyalty to artists.
  • Live stream of concerts on social media, especially Instagram, seem to have reached saturation.
  • Fully immersive virtual experiences (e.g., VR) had minimal adoption as replacement for real life experience and but fans were keen to have a more intimate relationship with artists through things such as online hangouts which could be seen as a possible new revenue stream for artists and brand activism.
  • Consumers struggled to remember any brands, which have provided a meaningful support to the music industry during the pandemic. Fans were concerned that brands had not supported artists enough during the pandemic.
  • Fans expected music events to resume but with more social distancing, in different spaces and some alternative platforms such as drive in concerts.

This study was conducted without any funding but a willingness of both institutions to try to contribute to understanding of the sector and the transformations it has necessarily undergone in recent months. Undertaking the study without funding meant that the sample size was limited. We hope, however, to be able to secure some vital partnerships next year alongside a little funding to conduct a much larger audience survey in both countries. It was a great project to be part of and we look forward to undertaking a larger study later on this year. If you would like to get involved with us please contact us!

Download the full report: