This project is a collaboration between the University of the West of Scotland and Renfrewshire Council (Culture, Heritage and Events Fund), which aims to raise awareness of Paisley School of Arts, with the desire to establish formal arts education in the town tracing back to 1836.

Following the discovery of an archive paper which recorded a public desire for an Arts School in Paisley – proposed by Paisley Philosophical Institution in 1836 – two educators at the University of Scotland (Rachael Flynn and Trent Kim) wanted to find out more about this innovative vision proposed by the town’s forebearers.

Rachael and Trent were inspired by the radical, and still very relevant, discussion contained in a document which was almost 200 years old. What was particularly significant in this historic proposal was the vision and determination put forward by these local figures and wider community who believed in the potential for their own local cultural wealth to create cultural, economic and social change.

You can also find out more about this project here.