Over the years, collaboration with Renfrewshire Council has been an important part of the work undertaken at CCSE. Much of this has focussed on the activity taking place as part of Future Paisley, a range of cultural events, activities and targeted investment which take Paisley and Renfrewshire’s cultural significance and uniqueness as their core inspiration.

CCSE has supported these endeavours in a variety of ways. This has included strengthening the evidence base that colleagues can draw upon to develop, deliver and evaluate the projects and programmes that comprise Future Paisley. In part, this has involved researching and writing a number of evidence reviews which take as their focus a topic of relevance for Future Paisley’s ongoing efforts to embed culture and cultural activity across their service delivery.

CCSE has recently completed the third of five reviews planned for this series. Measuring Wellbeing. Gauging (Mental) Wellbeing Benefits of Arts & Cultural Participation is aimed at providing insight into the ways in which the effectiveness of arts and cultural interventions intended to support participants’ mental wellbeing can be evaluated. It is a guide to a sometimes complex topic area which aims to function as a framework for thinking about and approaching evaluation in this space.

Please do take a look!