Originally posted on festspace.net, this blog is reproduced here with kind permission.

Barcelona’s FestSpace team has produced a short video to bring together the objectives of the research and to summarise its key outcomes. It includes the perspective of the five cities participating via the contributions of the principal investigators of the project, members of their teams and some stakeholders.

First, each research team explains how they have adjusted the general umbrella questions to the specific terrain of the city environment that they are focusing on. Then, explanations about the effects of the pandemic regarding events held in public space are given. Aspects such as cancellation versus readaptation, hybrid events, methodological research changes and the economic and emotional impact of covid-19 for audiences, participants, and organisers (also researchers!) are considered.

To conclude, project leaders from the 5 cities bring to the table the outcomes of their research. Some commonalities can be found in the public spaces that have been used for festivals and events, but there are also some differences perceived in each location. David McGillivray, thinking of the project as a whole, says that “the assessment of these commonalities and differences of different cultural and political contexts will be able to make some recommendations on how we might see public space and festival events in the future”.


The Festspace team have produced a number of short films across the lifetime of the project, the project films from Glasgow and London are also worth a look!